While some people take years to figure out their passions, some are lucky enough to know what they love from the start.  Alex Brenner has had a passion for tennis since the age of three, when he began practicing tennis with his grandfather in the hallways of his apartment building in New York City.  Though now hailing from San Francisco, Alex was able to continue the pursuit of his childhood passion in California by playing for his college’s tennis team.  Claremont McKenna College, a highly competitive Division III school, offered Alex the opportunity to grow and develop as a player. Though unhappy with and humbled by events that transpired as a result of an unfocused mindset during his Freshman year, Alex was able to turn his attitude around the following year and sharpen his mental game. The hard work paid off. Alex received the Most Improved Player Award and his team won the Division III National Championship.

Brenner now is turning to the next chapter of his tennis career as he is taking the upcoming year to train full-time and play overseas in ATP Futures Tournaments. His dream is to attain a professional ATP ranking, but regardless of outcome he views this upcoming year as a time for immense personal growth and international travel.


Photography courtesy of Ellen Freidlander.

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"You are your only limit"

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“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”

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